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ADVANCE is about honoring the Legacy of Western Indian Ministries by taking next steps with our ministry partners and expanding the footprint our founders secured for future ministry. We are at the cusp of the future they dreamt of.


ADVANCE is all about expanding our capacity to spread the gospel ACROSS NATIONS in a greater way, as we: 

  • Further develop our property for deeper and wider ministry

  • Respond and Connect to the people and their needs 

  • Mobilize the next generation 

  • Serve churches 

  • Build a Christ centered community 

All for the Hope and transformation of Jesus Christ! 


This doesn’t come free. It will cost some of us everything. 


As we have rolled out our new name ACROSS NATIONS – we have uncovered our new master site plan. We have broke ground and are ready to begin construction on our new Radio Studio Building. We challenge you to help us Advance! You truly can make an impact with a generous gift. In fact, your help is critical to our success. 


Would you prayerfully consider a generous donation as we build our new Radio Media Center.

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