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About us

Our roots stretch deeply. 1906 was the year when our founder, Howard A. Clark, launched a disciple making effort as he began building friendships across the northeast quadrant of Arizona and teaching the Bible and seeing some of the first Christian Churches grow.   In 1937 the Navajo Bible School and Mission moved from Fort Defiance, to Window Rock, Arizona.  His leading passion was to equip Navajo Pastors and leaders.

In 1938 land was purchased from a local trader, Mr. Sabin just outside of Window Rock (actually in New Mexico). Howard and his wife developed a staff around them and they started the slow process of building roads, dormitories, classrooms and homes. While the major work of the mission was the Bible school, many other ministries were added over the years, including jail ministry, hospital and TB visitation, evangelistic teams traveling throughout the reservation, and a church-planting ministry. 

​So much has changed and grown since those early days. And so much has remained the same, namely, a calling from God to invest our lives with the Native nations. Each of our staff and volunteers are living out our mission in their unique areas: Equipping Native America to exalt Jesus, encounter His goodness and extend His Kingdom, Across Nations. 

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