Christ For 
Native Youth

Our CNY staff is hard at work creating a great website packed with information on
Christ for Native Youth. This page will redirect when the site goes live, but in the
meantime you can reach out to CNY Director Seth Stevens, if you have questions!

Christ For Native Youth is a growing network of people: youth leaders, volunteers, students, pastors, businessmen, etc., who care about Native Youth, and are passionate about seeing them walk with their Creator- Jesus Christ.  


Our Mission is to build a community to transform Native American Youth into their full potential in Christ! 

Here’s what we do…

  • Identify those who are (or should be) serving mid and high school students.

  • Pray with and for youth leaders and their ministry.

  • Equip youth leaders with resources.

  • Link youth leaders to a network to sustain their ministry.

Across Nations


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